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Security, an Unfortunate Reality

While not a fun subject, internet security, and security in general, is a reality we have to face. From identity theft, credit card fraud, healthcare privacy act (more like anti-privacy :) to hackers abound trying to take over your website, email, and social media. It is exhausting I know! Most people bury their head in the sand because protecting yourself from nasty intended people can feel like a full time job. And while there is no guarantee you won’t be compromised even with hypervigilance, one crucial thing you can do is create complex passwords. It never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients (and friends) don’t even think about this. They use horrifically loose and obvious passwords and worse yet, they use the same password for their email, website login, social media and even banking! The resistance seems to be an inability to remember and track multiple complex passwords. I recommend using a password generator tool like this and creating a spreadsheet to keep track of them. I also recommend changing your passwords every few months at a minimum especially for banking, website, email and social media accounts.

I know it is a pain in the butt, but protecting yourself from those who want to steal from you and use you for your resources takes far less energy than recovering from their exploits.

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