Art Directed Photo Shoot

I recently finished art directing a photo shoot for a company that sells athletic and self-massage tools. It was so fun! I managed every aspect of the shoot to include finding a photographer and models, which was no easy task. The local modeling agency was unable to provide me with talent that fit the bill for this shoot, so elaborate research to find amateurs was required ... and boy did I score! I found the woman through a local yoga Facebook page and the man from the local gym. Both models were outstanding! They followed direction and performed like true professionals. Another challenge was finding a commercial photographer. I used Brian Dierks. I was surprised I did not find Brian in my extensive web search. After evaluating the meta data on his website, I was happy to identify issues and make some SEO recommendations that helped him greatly. He needs to be found because he is phenomenal! I was pleased that we were able to complete the shoot in 1 day versus the 2 days I budgeted. This was due to solid planning and organized storyboarding. It was such a great project and wonderful experience all around.

Tags: Marketing, Art Direction